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Make an Optional Donation to the Altrusa Foundation

If you feel that this facility represents good value for money and you are happy to make a token donation (not compulsory) towards helping abandoned children in China's orphanages, particularly in Jiangxi Province, then you can do so below

Your money is donated securely via PayPal and then transmitted through Amity/Altrusa Foundation (www.altrusa.ws) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to supply medical, educational, foster care and other relief to the children who remain in China.

You can make this voluntary donation on-line by clicking on the link below: (PayPal will charge a 2.9% + US$0.30 fee to Altrusa if you use this method of payment)

Email administrator if you would like to donate by alternative method.

PRSA.ie - Management Fees

The only charge that will apply to the product will be the annual management charge as expressed as a percentage of the funds under management*.

* Additional charges will apply if more than four fund switches are made in a policy year. A Pension Board Fee (€9.50 per annum in 2009) applies to Executive Pension Plans.