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Employer's Obligations regarding PRSAs

Employers have to offer their employees the facility to put in place, at least one Standard PRSA in situations where:

  • There is no pension scheme currently in place
  • Some employees are excluded from the existing pension scheme
  • The waiting period for membership of the existing scheme is more than 6 months
  • The current pension scheme rules do not allow employees to make AVCs

To put the PRSA scheme in place, the employer needs to:

  • Nominate a Standard PRSA provider approved by the Pensions Board. Zurich Life is an approved PRSA provider
  • Inform your staff of who the nominated company is and that the facility exists to put in place a PRSA
  • Let the employees know that PRSA payments can be made directly from their pay
  • Allow the staff access to the provider to set up their PRSA

When the PRSA scheme is up and running the employer needs to:

  • Remit payments deducted from employees to the PRSA provider within 21 days from the end of the month in which they were deducted
  • Send and employer pension payments within the same period
  • Notify the employee and provider of the payments deducted from salary and any employer pension payments, at least once a month
NB : The employer is not obliged to contribute to the PRSA and does not have any responsibility regarding the fund selection or performance of the PRSA.

A technical guide to PRSAs is available on the Research Documents page. This includes information on the role of the employer in setting up a PRSA Scheme and a guide to salary deduction.

If you want to nominate Zurich Life as a Standard PRSA provider for your business you can request a 'Letter of Appointment' on the Information Pack page. - Contributions

You can vary the amount of regular contributions, provided they do not fall below the minimum contributions.