PRSAS Personal Retirement Bond - Your first choice for discount pensions

Pension Retirement Bond

...also referred to as a Buy-out-Bond or Pension Transfer Plan

This is a single contribution, retirement investment product designed for those leaving employment or moving from one employer to another.

Your existing pension entitlement is transferred into a bond in your own name. This gives you control in managing your benefits and makes you independent of your former employer. You should satisfy yourself that the product is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Your Bond will provide you with a pension fund at retirement. On retirement, this fund is used to purchase your retirement benefits, which include a tax-free lump sum, a pension, dependant's benefits, or a combination of these.

The terms available on this product through are as follows:

  • 100% Allocation
  • 0.85% Annual Charge on Fund (26 funds in the Matrix Range of Funds)
  • €2,500 Minimum Contribution

There are no other entry/exit charges, policy fees or set-up fees.

NB: The With-Profit Fund and the External Funds (outside the Matrix Range) will incur a higher Annual Charge.

To request further details, please select Retirement Bond from the drop-down menu on the Information Pack page. - Changing your Fund

You can change the profile of your investment by making a fund switch. There are four free switches available in any policy year